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Africa’s leading environmental rehabilitation Company

Hydromulch Environmental Rehabilitation Company offers a comprehensive range of integrated, turn-key solutions to address almost any environmental rehabilitation, revegetation and landscape bio-engineering project. Our services include vegetation establishment, vegetation maintenance, erosion control, sampling and analysis, Vetiver grass and industrial waste services. Being the leading Hydroseeding contractors in Africa we supply the continent with the latest in premium-grade hydroseeding, application and bush clearing equipment. We provide scientifically engineered additives and consumables proven to provide optimal soil nutrition and stability. The result is the groundwork for healthy and abundant vegetative growth.

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Hydromulch hydroseeding contractors

Hydromulch hydroseeding contractors have close association and regular collaboration with some of the most renowned scientists and ecologists in South Africa including the Council for Scientific and Industrial Research. This allows us to attend to our clients’ particular needs, whilst rigorously adhering to environmentally conscientious practices. Furthermore, this ensures Hydromulch seeding contractors delivers expert service, excellent results and efficient turnaround times, without compromising on environmental sustainability.

Our Environment, Our Business:

The plant, equipment, resources, knowledge and manpower provided by Hydromulch hydroseeding contractors are geared specially towards providing environmental rehabilitation services and solutions for major industrial projects.This includes urban development, landscaping, civil engineering and environmental restoration of vegetation and soils caused by the destructive effects of mining and landfills.

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