Alternative Daily Cover

alternative daily cover

When it comes to considering the bottom line, we at Hydromulch understand that the overall profitability of a landfill is judged according to the ratio of disposable air space to the landfill area coverage. The more waste you can compact into your landfill space, the better off your books will be. Every cubic metre of your landfill represents potential air space, which could be used to store waste. The value of this air space is measured by the weight of the amount of waste it can contain, and be paid for, on a per-ton basis. Therefore, the more waste that can be packed into a hectare of landfill air space, the higher your profits will be.

When you simply cover up your landfill waste with soil, you miss out on the potential volume of hundreds of metric tons of waste compaction, whilst spending millions of Rands every year on soil. Thanks to the Posi-Shell  ADC system, not only will you be saving, but you will earn even more revenue by reclaiming unused air space for even more waste compaction and storage.

Furthermore laying down tarp surface covers is both highly inefficient and environmentally damaging, creating more waste on top of existing waste. Using natural soil covering proves to be incredibly expensive– revegetation alone will not succeed when relying solely on polluted landfill waste as a basis for growth, without any protection for the soil. What is needed, first and foremost, is a solid, binding coverage solution that contains the waste and manages its pollutant by-products.

Developed by the Landfill Service Corporation in Appalachian, New York State, USA, the Posi- Shell System is a spray-on mineral environmental mortar coating, which works quickly, efficiently and durably to provide landfills with daily cover, intermediate cover, erosion prevention and soil control. Because it is so durable, non-flammable and provides excellent, even coverage, it allows you to reclaim every square centimetre of existing landfill airspace, with zero-volume coverage.

Posi- Shell consists of a liquid base – such as water or recycled landfill leachate – which is mixed with Posi-Pak® P-100 fibres and PSM-200™ setting agent. It can also be further mixed with cement in order to provide a more solid and durable consistency, and can even be enhanced with recycled latex waste – yet another measure that’s better for the planet! Posi- Shell is completely non-toxic, non-flammable and environmentally compatible. The lightweight, easy-to-mix formula can be mixed, transported, applied and rinsed from the applicator unit in just one hour.


Alternative Daily Cover