Hydromulch, over the years, has been involved in the design and implementation of many road revegetation projects in various vegetation zones. These include roads through fynbos and Protea areas, sensitive coastal roads, forest and alpine areas. A vast number of our national roads have been successfully re-vegetated by Hydromulch.

Hydromulch pioneered, among many innovations, the method of reinstating “fynbos” or “macchia” vegetation along the Garden Route. The excellent cover of natural fynbos found on the National Roadwork System stretching from Port Elizabeth to Cape Town bears testimony to this achievement.

A 10 year land rehabilitation program was completed on Phase 1 of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. Vegetation restoration in the Alpine and Sub-Alpine belt was initiated by Hydromulch in association with various noted environmental consultants.

Hydromulch has successfully completed many rail projects in and around South Africa. The Richards bay – Ermelo rail link, the orex line and portions of the Gautrain are a few of our achievements.