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Introducing Posi-Shell Clear: the economical, eco-friendly dust control solution. Wind erosion, water
erosion, traffic and industrial construction activities all contribute to the perpetuation of fugitive dust dispersal and airborne particle pollution. When people think of air pollution, giant pre-cast concrete smoke stacks usually come to mind. But the real culprit behind the leading causes of air pollution, in both developed and developing countries, is dust. According to the United States’ Environmental Protection Agency, road dust is identified as the Number One cause of air pollution in America. There is a growing demand from corporates and governments for environmentally sound dust control solutions.

Hydromulch has the answer: Posi-Shell clear is effective, bio-degradable and 100% non-toxic . Non-toxic, natural and eco-friendly. Hydromulch’s exclusive Posi-Shell Clear system provides you with cutting-edge, ecologically sound and affordable dust-control polymer technology. Why choose Posi-Shell Clear? Posi-Shell Clear is unique in that it is made out of a completely non-toxic, all-natural and 100% biodegradable cellulose-based proprietary blend. A patent-pending innovation in dust control technology, it contains no calcium chloride, and is completely free of polyacrylamide (P.A.M.). Calcium chloride is usually found in concrete mixtures, in order to help with cohesion and setting, but its chloride ions are highly corrosive, making it an unacceptably dangerous product for man and nature. Though polyacrylamide is, in itself, is not considered toxic, it can possibly contain unpolymerized acrylamide elements, which are classed as dangerous neurotoxins. Polyacrylamide is a synthesized chemical compound: the thermal decomposition of its chemical bonds is known to release a host of harmful by-products, such as carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide and nitrogen oxide – all of which add up to a high carbon footprint. On the other hand, Posi-Shell Clear is a proprietary blend of cellulosic polymers. Cellulose is an organic compound – it is the primary structural component of which the cellular walls of all green plants are composed. It is the most common organic compound on Earth – you just don’t get greener than that! By utilising cellulosic compounds in our product range, Hydromulch remains on the forefront of the green-tech revolution, alongside such other pioneering developments as the harnessing of cellulose ethanol for the purposes of bio-fuel development.

Simply mix the Posi-Shell Clear polymer powder with water, and apply it to your desired surface. This can be done using a water truck, a HydroSeeder unit or a specialised Posi-Shell Clear mixing station. The mixture creates a surface-bonding “glue”, which acts to bind particles to each other, as well as to the surface. The mixture quickly and effectively penetrates and bonds dusty surfaces, creating a transparent layer that is resistant to wind erosion, water erosion and dust dispersal. Posi-Shell Clear is guaranteed to dramatically reduce the need for, and frequency with which, the surface area is treated and re-watered. This saves you costs on labour, man-power, maintenance and fuel. The surface becomes less susceptible to various types of erosion and dust development. Unlike traditional dust control wetting methods, Posi-Shell Clear does not evaporate as soon as the water molecules in the mixture do. Rather, it remains bound to the surface, hours after evaporation, and can stay for days without needing to be re-wet. Decreased reliance on water expenditure is yet another way in which Hydromulch continues to employ and instil environmentally conscious practices with every solution we offer.

Hydromulch is uniquely enabled to provide you with environmental management solutions that utilise the latest in eco-friendly technology. Speak to us about Posi-Shell Clear today, and get the best results for your dust control needs.

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