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Environmental Coatings erosion control

Posi-Shell Environmental Coatings offer you a series of uses when it comes to your waste management, construction site preparation needs, erosion control and slope stabilisation. When it comes to meeting environmental regulations, Posi-Shell products exceed expectations. The unique, cement-based formula provides exceptional cover, control and mitigation for all major environmental hazard vectors associated with other non-land fill applications, such as stockpile covering, erosion control, dust control, ditch lining and slope stabilisation in construction sites and industrial development areas.

Posi-Shell® is a spray-applied, mineral mortar coating, similar to stucco that is the ideal erosion control solution when successful performance is imperative. Posi-Shell effectively stabilizes highway slopes, controls dust at chemical facilities and other industrial sites and controls erosion at construction sites.

Formulations of Posi-Shell® can be created to provide varying degrees of long term erosion control.  By simply increasing the amount of gauging material and decreasing the coverage area (which results in a thicker application), erosion control coatings can function in place for up to several years.  Similarly, by decreasing the amount of gauging material and increasing cover area short term control such as dust control can be applied easily and economically.  Because of the highly adhesive qualities of Posi-Shell it will adhere to any surface at any angle, even an overhang.

Posi-Shell is fast becoming a valuable erosion control tool in non-landfill related industries such as public works, mining, municipalities, road construction and chemical facilities.

There are erosion control applications for which the “right answer” is to establish vegetation.  Sometimes the answer is a roll out membrane, but there are times when neither of these is ideal or even a possibility and yet erosion control is still required.

Posi-Shell is non-flammable and extremely durable. Simple to mix and easy to use, Posi-Shell consists of water, fibres, and mineral setting agents. Portland Cement is then added in varying quantities depending on desired durability and various colours can be added to the mix if so desired. Because it forms a durable, non-flammable crust that resists wind and water erosion, Posi-Shell is ideal for applications such as ditch-lining, dust control, cover for contaminated soil, compost, coal, or cement clinker piles, mining applications, voc suppression, sludge tar lagoons, and similar industrial purposes.

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