Gyrotrac Mulching Units

Gyro-trac offers a range of Heavy-Duty Mulching units which boast extremely low ground pressure and  patented Gyro-Trac  Cutter-heads. They sport Cummins diesel engines and dual hydraulic pumps/motors for both traction and Cutter-head making this a perfect “Lean Green Mulching Machine” that will out-perform any comparable horse power unit.


  • Fully Enclosed Forward Tilt Cab for easier maintenance
  • Comfortable Air suspension Seat for driver comfort
  • Cummins Diesel engines
  • Plus+1 Digital Display for fast and easy system performance monitoring
  • GT Mulching Cutter-head with Patented Fixed Tooth Cutting Technology
  • Captive Track design makes throwing a track nearly impossible
  • 6-ply nylon & polyester reinforced rubber tracks
  • Front & Rear Halogen Exterior Lights
  • Lexan Safety Windshield
  • Pressurized Cab to keep out dust & smoke

Today, Gyro-Trac is the undisputed, tree-mulching masters of the woods.  From every forestry application to any land clearing need, Gyro-Trac simply has the best, single-purpose-built mulching machines available…end of story…and the beginning of yours!

Download GT16_Specsheet Download GT25XP_Specsheet Download GT140XL_Specsheet