Gyrotrac Skid Steer Cutter Heads

Hydromulch is proud to offer Gyro-Trac’s superior range of skid steer cutter heads. Gyro-Tracs cutter heads are designed to suite any high or low flow skid steer for multiple applications.

Gyro-Tracs Cutter Head Mulching Attachments will clear more trees and scrub in less time and less cost than other comparable Cutter-heads. It “Quick” attaches easily to any “LOW or HIGH-FLOW” Compact Track Loader or Skid Steer.


  • Patented Individually mounted Planar Style Cutting Teeth that cut like a knife
  • Attaches to any “High-Flow” Skid Steer or Compact Track Loader
  • Lower operating costs with the Gyro-Trac’s exclusive patented spiral tooth design pattern on its rotor along with its controlled bite ribs that keeps mulching production at a high level while using less horsepower.
  • Variable displacement hydraulic rotor motor for maximum speed
  • Cut down a tree and completely mulch it into fine wood chips—in just a few minutes.
  • Grind dozens of stumps to the ground in less than half a day.
  • Perform rapid, high quality, low-cost, right-of-way maintenance.
  • Cut miles of survey or fence lines for far less than any other method.
  • Clear hectares of small trees and underbrush in a single day.

The Cutter-heads can cut down up to 300mm diameter soft woods and up to 250mm diameter hardwoods in minutes.


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