LSC Vent flares


Solar Spark® Vent Flares are simple, reliable, solar-ignited flares mounted directly on all types of landfill vents. These flares eliminate foul odors associated with flammable gas emissions. The complete package includes solar ignition system, Spark-Pilot, flare head, flame arrester, piping, and stainless steel ball valve. All parts carrry a one year warranty. Flange adapters, insulation kits, and other custom components are available to meet your needs.

Even in cloudy conditions the solar panel provides continuous ignition with no need for external power. The patented Dual Expansion Carburetting Flare Head is designed for effective combustion of landfill gas at a wide range of ambient pressures from 2-140 SCFM. The unique flare head design also allows for operation in extremely windy conditions. The ruggedly constructed Spark-PilotTM provides a continuous ignition spark even in rainy conditions.

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Solar Spark Vent Flares SPV 100