Posi-Shell Clear is a non-toxic powdered product that penetrates and bonds dusty surfaces, creating a layer resistant to wind erosion, water erosion, and vehicle traffic.  For roads, Posi-Shell Clear dramatically reduces the frequency of watering trips required to keep dust from creating air quality problems.

Users of Posi-Shell Clear first notice that dusty surfaces remain wet longer than if plain water is used.  After completely dried it is not uncommon for the roads treated with Posi-Shell Clear to remain virtually dust free for an additional hour or longer.  Over the course of several hours as traffic pulverizes the “glued” surface, a small rooster tail of dust will begin to appear but compared with the wall or cloud of dust common to roads that have simply been watered and dried there will be no comparison in the height, density, and airborne duration.  Once the site manager feels the dust has reached an unacceptable level, re-wetting is all that is required to remobilize the polymers and heal the Posi-Shell Clear surface.  This process can be repeated for days to weeks greatly reducing the fuel, maintenance, and manpower associated with repeated re-wettings.
Posi-Shell Clear produces a cumulative residual effect meaning the more times it is applied the better the results become.

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Posi-Shell Clear