Hydromulch believes that it only makes ecological sense to provide environmental conservation and development solutions that adhere to environmentally responsible processes and protocols. We have developed a breakthrough innovation in soil erosion control and germination enhancement. Posi-Seed utilises thermal activation technologies, in order to promote enhanced seed propagation. An earth-friendly alternative to the usual reliance on artificial ingredients such as rubber, or soil-disrupting matting procedures, Posi-Seed’s specialised mulch blend creates the perfect micro-climate for your seeds to grow and thrive – naturally! This revolutionary new method completely removes the need for the chemical treatment of seeds as well as artificial methods of soil preparation, such as with Jute.

Choose natural, organic, thermo-active solutions that produce favourable conditions for your seeds to germinate. Choose Posi-Seed, the truly environmentally – conscious alternative. Simply prepare your Posi-Seed mulch mixture, plant it into the soil (for example, by means of hydraulic seeding), and watch as your vegetation develops, stabilising the soil structure as it grows. Choose ecoethical solutions with which to combat the effects of soil erosion, and ensure the promotion of optimal
growth and nutrient uptake for your vegetation.

Hydromulch believes in the cause of soil preservation, environmental conservation and the promotion of healthy, lush and thriving vegetation. In order to achieve this goal successfully, it needs to be facilitated in an ecologically sensitive manner. Posi-Seed provides environmental solutions for soil conservation.

Posi-Seed is Hydromulch’s environmentally-friendly mineral mortar coating solution, which is applied to the soil surface area by means of spraying or hydraulic seeding. When mixed with wood fibre much that has been thermally refined with finely ground volcanic rock, it forms a slurry blend that creates the ideal micro-climate for germination of seeds blended into the slurry mixture. Posi-Seed is a world first in environmentally sustainable alternatives to soil erosion control surface preparation and treatment methods: instead of having to rely on invasive blanket or matting surface preparations, which entail a further disruption to the already degraded soil structure, Posi-Seed can be applied directly to the soil with no prior treatment of the surface area. Simply combine and apply the all-in-one mixture – a unique combination of selected grass seed species, volcanic rockenriched PSM 200® tackifier blend and PSM 100 Posi-Pak® fibres, as well as fertilisers, organic mulch material, soil ameliorants, growth stimulants and water.

PSM 200® is an exclusive blend of finely powdered volcanic rock, tackifiers and solidifiers, which serve to promote the adhesion of the slurry to extreme surfaces, as well as create a geo-thermally stimulated micro-climate for the planted seeds. PSM 100 Posi-Pak® fibres are composed of extremely fine, structurally reinforced polyester denier, which have been specially coated in order to allow for their dispersal in liquid slurries without clumping. PSM 100 Posi-Pak® eliminates cracking, and increases the durability of the application’s final coating, thereby ensuring the stability and structural integrity of your soil.

This particular combination binds the mulch to the soil efficiently and effectively, firmly anchoring the seed and the ameliorants into the ground. The geo-thermal stimulation creates a micro-climate that permits seed germination to occur when temperature and soil moisture conditions become favourable. This encourages the seeds to sprout in a healthy, temperate and nutrient-rich environment. Once stimulated, the growing vegetation’s root systems quickly develop, as well.