Vegetation Establishment

Vegetation Establishment

All Hydromulch vegetation establishment works are guaranteed. Hydromulch works in accordance with section 5800 of the Colto specification which states that it is the contractor’s responsibility for establishing an acceptable cover and for the cost of replanting grass or re-hydroseeding where no acceptable cover has been established.

An acceptable grass cover shall mean that not less than 75% of the area grassed or hydroseeded shall be covered with grass and that no bare patches exceeding 0,25 m² in any area of 1 m² shall occur.

The maintenance period in respect of grass shall commence when an acceptable grass cover as defined above has been established and shall be one year. This means that the maintenance period in respect of grass can commence earlier or later than the maintenance period for other parts of the contract.

Hydromulch maintains the vegetated areas for a period of 12 months during which time all erosion gullies repaired by main contractor shall be reseeded. A 12 month period will allow for the succession of perennial vegetation and the long term sustainability of the applied vegetative type.

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